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Represented by Grimandi Art Gallery, New York

Ric Conn is an internationally known award winning expressionist artist; creating paintings that reflect relevant social issues, equality, empowerment and psychological conditions  to increase awareness and understanding. He focuses primarily on figurative depictions of the female experience,  looking into the realities women face in Western culture focusing on their courage and beauty..

Ric has had many solo and group shows in Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Frederick, Stevensville, and Centreville MD; Washington, D.C.; Manhattan and Chelsea, New York City.

He  has been featured in articles in several newspapers, and magazines, including “Art Tour International Magazine,” “Art in America’s issue on galleries and artists in America,” and interviewed on television, both local and network.

Ric has been named  “Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art for 2020,” “Artist of the Decade 2010-2020,” "Collectors Choice 2021" and “Artivist (artist/activist) of the year  2019 and 2020” by Art Tour International Magazine. Additionally he has been in their summer, autumn and winter issues (back cover artist), and in American Art Collector, and he was awarded Artist of the Future, and Collector’s Vision International Art Award by Contemporary Art Curator magazine.

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